Are you a digger, or a builder?

Google Analytics - Are You A Digger or Builder?

‘We’ve been interrogating data and found out that 20 visitors searched for…’

Digging deep into Analytics, finding isolated instance of visitor behaviour. For most, it’s a quick win to impress our bosses with our insight and determination to find a cause to a potential problem. Extracting data from within our websites ‘proves’ how we investigate audience behaviour, or inaction.

It shows off our nerdy side. Marketers should be blessed with skills that display our aptitude in marketing as well as technology, correct?

I remember back to our trips to the beach as a young child. I’d amuse myself for hours digging in the sand. Just digging down and down… maybe hoping to find hidden treasure? Maybe, because that’s what I simply enjoyed doing? There was no direct intent behind my action.

Today, marketers are digging down, utilising the technology available to them, to extract information about how our websites are being visited and used. Data that may offer critical insight.

Insight should evoke change. If I told you that 25% of visitors to your site are using Mobile devices, would you raise an eyebrow? Would you pass that information along a journey through the relevant departments of that business until it fizzles out? Or, would you champion the cause for creating a mobile-responsive version of your website?

Would you build upon the information you’ve extracted?

Somewhere within analytics you’ll find an enlightening piece of information about your website usage, your audience’s experience. It may be the clicks on a video hidden deep within your site. The dropoff rate of a key contact page. The download speed of a landing page. Key insight. Relevant Data. Actionable items.

Here’s my point -> Don’t simply allow eyebrows to be raised. Don’t just play with the data. Use the data. Use the data to create foundations to build upon. If not, the sand will refill the holes you dug just as quickly. No trace of the energy exerted in finding that unearthed treasure chest.

Written By:

Ian Rhodes


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