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Telling An Authentic Business Story

Sometimes we find it difficult to put across our ‘business story’ in an authentic language. A language that resonates from the very heart of our project, our business, our livelihood.

Summarising why our business exists is often left in the hands of the marketing department. Our natural intention, as marketers, is to shape our story, to sell using our story. We confuse authenticity.  Where the actual goal shifts to ‘create’ authenticity rather than ‘deliver’ authenticity.

Sometimes we miss the point. Sometimes we try too hard. Sometimes we simply don’t try at all. Creating a document headed ‘Why Our Business Exists’ can be one of the most difficult tasks a marketer faces. Exists for whom?


Sometimes the message we want to convey is difficult, especially with the written word. Take a startup coffee business. When David Kennedy began his venture, James Coffee Co, was he concerned about the landscape of his industry? An industry where most outlets are cast in a shadow by Starbucks, how can you possibly stand out? Rather than concerning himself with the sheer size and volume of competition, did he set out to sell coffee or, share handcrafted artisan roasted coffee beans?

Should you fear your competition? Should that fear parallelise marketing activity as you ask ‘how can we compete with Starbucks?’ Or, do you simply tell your own story, just like James Coffee Co. have done below?

David knows his story. His business is his story. You may be sipping a cup of coffee right now. Watching the video, don’t you want to smell and taste David’s coffee?

Do you buy his authenticity, his values and share his clear passion? Or, are you simply buying another brand of coffee?

The difference? That’s how you tell a truly compelling business story.

Written By:

Ian Rhodes


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