Brand Less Ordinary: – Simplify the Marketplace

Would you say you work in a fascinating market? Are you working with a sexy brand that your customers just can’t get enough of? Are you now selling t-shirts with your logo emblazoned across the chest just to your customers can show off their allegiance to your products? Thought not. There … Read More

When our passion for business is more than lip service…

‘We help businesses to…’ Nah, how about ‘we like helping businesses to..’ Wait a second, ‘We love helping businesses too…’ Scratch that, I’ve got it ‘We are passionate about helping businesses to achieve their goals’. Bingo! Nothing beats a bit of passion does it? We often struggle to describe the way … Read More

Is your website fit for purpose?

‘What is the purpose of your website?’ It’s the first question we cover during a A Brand Less Ordinary Session. The immediate response from business owners & marketers is either: To generate enquiries To generate sales We then discuss how we build the traffic that leads to our objective: advertising on … Read More

A little humility isn’t a bad thing

Which products do we feature on our homepage? Can we add another slider to the homepage carousel to push our new service? Can we include a banner promoting our facebook page? Can you feature my blog on your homepage? We’ve all been involved in the meetings. The answer is ‘yes’. … Read More

Are you ready to break convention?

Marketing To Break Convention

Convention stops us from doing what we want to do. It stops us from changing the way work – the tasks we carry out. It’s the way we are told things are done. Like it, or not. By definition, convention is a way in which something is usually done. It’s the … Read More

Is there a recipe that turns customers into advocates?

Some brands we admire, others we may trust and value and others we simply ignore. What causes us to take one step further? Where we’re happy to share our story with friends, associates and family? The stories that bond our loyalty to a particular brand? Do we consciously become brand … Read More

Brand advocacy and the story that email forgot

A startup business typically struggles gathering anecdotes and stories that make interesting reading within their blogs. Where there’s a lack of brand history, a startup business will tend to rely upon the stories of it’s founders, or the day to day conversations which take place with colleagues, customers or suppliers. … Read More

Want to know why I won’t be subscribing to your newsletter?

‘Subscribe To Our Newsletter’ or ‘Register For Our Newsletter’ or maybe ‘Give us your email address. We’re not quite sure why, but we’d like it all the same’. A few months ago I was researching competitors for a particular startup client within a niche SaaS (Software) industry. The client was … Read More